An Ultra Marathon Only 21 Kms Long!


Starting Line

The race starts from Bharatpur (at the base of Baralachala La Pass), in Himachal Pradesh. 

Turnaround Point

The turnaround point on the Ultra Half is also the highest point on the race. At 6,111 mts. it is the summit of Mt. Yunam peak. 

Finish Line

The race ends in Bharatpur itself.


The total race distance is 21 Kms. A Half Marathon. 

Race Distance

Temperatures during the race may vary between 10' Celsius to -15' Celsius.


Estimated finishing time is 10 hours for the course.

Finishing Time

Well stocked aid stations and volunteers are placed evenly throughout the course.

Complete with water, carb dense, high sugar, salt based offerings and even first aid and professional help.

UIAA Certified Himalayan Alpine Guide and Wilderness First Responder Pranav Rawat is also the Chief Risk and Safety Officer on the race.


Heading a team of dedicated rescuers deployed on the course, Pranav makes sure everyone stays out of harm's way.  

All registered participants will get a custom training plan to prepare for the race, designed by Kieren D'Souza.


What's more? An exclusive invite to a trail running camp preceding the race, hosted by Kieren himself. 

By Air:

1. Nearest Major Airports are New Delhi and Chandigarh.

2. Nearest Minor Airports is Kullu.

By Road:

New Delhi to Baratpur Via Manali (bus) 16 hrs.

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