Please go through the following sections to resolve your queries. If still in doubt, feel free to reach us on whatsapp or email.

1. Can I apply/register on the day of the event?

  • The 21 KM category is an invite only and the last date to apply for an invite is August 15th, 2019.

  • The last date of registration for the 10k category is August 31st, 2019.

2. How can I get a refund?

  • 50% refund of fee if applied for before July 31st, 2019.

  • 25% refund of fee if applied for before August 15th, 2019.

  • No refund requests shall be entertained post August 15th, 2019.

  • Processing fee will be deducted additionally, in the first two cases.

3. Can I participate, if I have registered but don't meet the qualification criteria?

  • You cannot participate in the race, if you haven't submitted the proof of qualification within deadline (i.e. September 29th, 2019).

  • Withdrawal from participation in the race is subject to fee refund rules stated in the previous section.

4. What does the registration fee cover?

Please refer to the INCLUSIONS section on this page.

5. How do I reach the event venue?

6. Is acclimatization mandatory?

Yes. Minimum acclimatization of 4 days (Sep 30 - Oct 3, 2019) is mandatory for all participants. However, the longer one acclimatizes with high altitude, the better it is for their physiological health while performing at the race.

7. How long does it take to acclimatize?

  • Acclimatisation depends entirely on one’s personal body condition as some people acclimatise very fast, and others take several days. So if it is your first time at high altitude it is necessary to come early.

  • In the days preceding the race, we will be conducting trail running workshops with Kieren inJispa, as well as high altitude treks, to help participants acclimatise.

  • Information with respect to acclimatisation programs will be communicated to all registered participants.

8. What is the recommended clothing and gear for the race?

A detailed clothing guide as well as a list of compulsory gear, will be shared with all registered participants via email.

9. How to manage accommodation?

Participants have to manage their own accommodation. There are several homestays close to the event venue, many of which are listed on travel websites. Alternatively, participants can also book accommodations through us, by reaching out on email or whatsapp. 

10. What kind of medical or volunteer support is available along the route?

UIAA Certified Himalayan Alpine Guide and Wilderness First Responder Pranav Rawat is the Chief Risk and Safety Officer on the race. Along with him, trained mountain guides from Bikat Adventures Team and first responders will monitor runners throughout the route, and will be available for help.

11. Medical Risk Management and Evacuation

  • Being an extreme sport event, the event is fraught with implicit risks. The runners undertake to participate, being fully conscious of such risks, and are only personally liable for all possible consequences.

  • All race participants will be covered by an insurance policy (valid for race day only), to cover for evacuation expenses, should the need arise. This will be at no extra cost to the participant, and is included in the race fees.

  • However, the race management will perform to the best of its capabilities to minimise or eliminate such risks.

  • It is for this purpose, a race qualification criteria is mandated. Along with a pre race medical check up (at no additional expense to the runner) by a medical doctor to ascertain a participant's fitness and health to attempt the event.

  • Participants also need to undergo a mid course, medical check up if the first response/medical team deems it necessary.

  • Participants who do not qualify the pre race and mid race medical check up, will be medically disqualified and immediately evacuated. 

  • Decision of the first response team will be upheld in the case of a medical disqualification.

  • In case of an evacuation, the participant will be taken to the nearest medical facility immediately.

  • Race fees or any other charges levied prior to such disqualification, will not be refunded in the event of a disqualification.

12. Qualification criteria

For the 1st edition of the race, the general qualification criteria is as follows:

  • Applicants must have ran 2 Half Marathons (21 Kms) in the 6 months preceding their application date. Or,

  • Applicants must have trekked to a minimum elevation of 4000m in the 6 months preceding their application date. Or,

  • Applicants must have climbed a technical mountaineering summit over 5000m in 1 year preceding their application date.

An applicant can meet any one of the above criteria to gain consideration for participation. However, he/she will be required to submit proofs to substantiate their claims.

Additionally the listed qualification criteria is for general direction only, as each application will be scrutinized on a case to case basis. Hence, applicants are advised to provide as much detail as possible of their sporting career and achievements.

13. Disqualification criteria

​A participant may be disqualified in the following circumstances:

  • Medical disqualification (listed in the section under medical risk and management).

  • Not meeting the qualification criteria, even if the participant has paid the registration fees in full.

  • Use of unfair means (including not using the designated race course, doping, unfair obstruction/impediment to other runners, etc.) An exhaustive list will be shared with registered participants.

  • The decision of the race director in case of all disputes arising from the above, will be final and binding.

14. How to train?

A detailed training and preparation guide compiled by Kieren D'Souza, will be shared exclusively with all registered participants.

15. How many aid stations and hydration points will be available?

  • A total of 7 aid stations will be available on the 10.5 Kms (approx.) running loop.

  • These will be supplemented by 25 other running volunteers spread throughout the course.

  • Aid stations will stock medical supplies, food and water.

  • We will not provide any bottled (packaged) water during the race. Instead there will be facility to refill your bottles at the hydration points. So runners are requested to bring in their personal hydration pack. We will ensure that refilling is as efficient as possible.

16. What is the race start and finish point?

Please refer this page.

17. What sort of temperatures can one expect on race day?

Please refer this page.

18. Which mobile and internet networks are available in Jispa, HP?

Only BSNL/MTNL connection will work in parts of Lahoul valley and has the widest coverage in the area. The network quality is not consistent though. 

19. I have made a mistake in the application/registration form. How do I correct it?

Email your case to

20. Where do I pick up the race kit from?

  • Your race bib number will be emailed to you a month prior to the race. 

  • Race kit will be handed to you at the venue, between Sep. 30 - Oct 3, 2019. 

  • Bib numbers are non-transferable. No one else may wear the bib number assigned to you. 

21. Can I transfer my bib to someone else or can someone else run on my bib?


22. Can I get my bib replaced incase I lose it, post bib collection?

We will provide you with multiple bib copies. However, we will not be able to replace bibs if lost, post collection from our end.

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